A high-performance
All round.

High performance on a daily basis.
Reliable non-stop.

These are the qualities with which CEPA centrifuges and systems have made a name for themselves in various industries.

Wherever materials need to be neatly separated for their recovery, subsequent processing and disposal, CEPA supplies concepts that make perfect economic sense and are tailored exactly to your requirements.

From the standard model to custom-built systems, customers worldwide benefit from CEPA’s many years of expertise and innovative technology as a leader in the field of planning, designing and producing centrifuges. Discover all-round perfection in a variety of designs and versions.

CEPA - The movie


We are concluding the celebration of our 100th anniversary!

CEPA concludes the 100-year company anniversary with the opening of a permanent exhibition in the city museum Tonofenfabrik in Lahr and a subsequent employee party.

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Only a few companies manage to write more than 100 years of contemporary history and thus become part of a museum exhibition. Many of them no longer exist today, be it due to economic crises or dying out products. None of this applies to CEPA. For more than 100 years we have specialized in the development and manufacture of centrifuge solutions and systems worldwide and it is impossible to imagine the market without them.


We had already heralded our 100th anniversary together with the workforce, customers, suppliers, partners and the surrounding neighborhood last May. A chronicle created especially for the occasion impressively shows how it all began and takes the reader on a journey through the decades of history.


"We are really honored to be part of the Tonofenfabrik City Museum in Lahr with a permanent exhibition," says Michaela Vinnay, Managing Director of CEPA. "For me, in the fourth generation of a family business, this is something very special, associated with many emotions and I am very proud of what my family has achieved together with our employees over the years," she describes.


The permanent exhibition was opened last Friday with the premiere of the new image film together with the workforce. Afterwards, the employees were invited to a festive evening in the Palais Wunderlich in Lahr and enjoyed both entertainment and the culinary highlights.


Michaela Vinnay proved that changes are part of day-to-day business when she announced her resignation as managing director during the celebrations and, after more than 22 years in the service of the company, handed over the sole management to Uwe Kirchgässner. Uwe Kirchgässner was appointed second managing director of CEPA in 2020 and, with over 25 years of professional experience in marketing and sales, brings a great deal of expertise to the company.


“Looking to the future, there are a number of things that concern CEPA intensively. The framework conditions have changed in recent years - according to Uwe Kirchgässner, CEPA is already well positioned for these new conditions. CEPA will focus on new, sustainable and resource-saving solutions for the environment. The entire CEPA team is aware of its responsibility for future generations,” he adds.


The exhibition can be seen all year round in the Stadtmuseum Tonofenfabrik in Lahr during opening hours from Wednesday to Sunday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., on the upper floor "Lahr and Industry".