Manual centrifuges as a modular system

The system that grows along with your requirements.

With the FLEXOMAT as a modular system, CEPA offers customers the option of a custom-planned and built system for processing a variety of chip types and parts. Tailored to your needs, easy to operate, reliable and individually extended. The FLEXOMAT system unites the flexibility of a manual centrifuge with an efficient, fully automated process.

CEPA Flexomat the classical from CEPA Centrifuges.

The chip disposal system that grows with your requirements. Expandable to almost any number of containers and types of chips. The system can be extended like a kit. Semi-automatic at the beginning to dispose of your chips fully automatically in the later course.

FLEXOMAT – all in the name

In the FLEXOMAT, all metal types can be de-oiled separately and drip-free in a single system, without the need for transferring. Different types of chip are not mixed, because the chip stays in the same container throughout the entire process, from the moment it is formed. The system’s specific design renders any elaborate preparation of the chips, such as crushing or screening, entirely unnecessary. Different chip shapes, including endpieces and coarse parts, are just centrifuged straight
off without any further crushing or grading. The centrifuging time always depends on the material in question. The thoroughly separated and recovered coolants and lubricants can be returned to the production process.

Collecting Container
Metal chips are collected directly at the processing machine in plastic containers. These are sent to the FLEXOMAT and set down. The operator selects the chip type to be centrifuged, or it is identified fully automatically e.g. by a color code.
Centrifuge inserting process
A grab picks up the tub and inserts it in the centrifuge. The container is held in position by the centrifuge lid, and the unit sealed. The de-oiling process begins. Thanks to the high stability and the design of the system and centrifuge, it all progresses quietly, reliably and safely.
Emptying process
The grab arm picks the container with the de-oiled metal chips up out of the centrifuge, removes it and empties the contents over the appropriate collection receptacle. The empty plastic container is then sent along the roller conveyor to the collecting station.
Oil collecting tank
The recovered oil is collected in a tank or is directly cleaned of fine particles using a cleaning centrifuge. From there, it is fed straight back into the processing machines or into a storage tank.

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