Filter Centrifuges

Filtering, washing, separating, drying, rinsing

Extremely versatile, especially with high solids content

Large-volume filter centrifuges are used for larger amounts of solids. What gravity does by itself, CEPA centrifuges do much faster and more effectively. For increasing the filter surface a filter bag can be inserted. The solids are discharged manually. Not only suspensions can be separated efficiently, parts can also be spun dry. For this purpose, tailor-made inserts are developed and made available according to the respective customer needs.

The filter Centrifuges are available in an explosion-proof design.

Technical Data

Type/Model TZ 3 TZ 4 TZ 5 GZ 1000 C
Drum diameter [mm] 300 400 500 1000
Speed [min-1] 2450 2100 1900 1200
RCF (G-value) [* g] 1000 980 1000 800
Nominal capacity [l] 10 20 35 200
Filling amount [kg] 20 30 50 300

*All figures are approximate values. Subject to amendment and errors.

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