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These are the qualities with which CEPA centrifuges and systems have made a name for themselves in various industries.

Wherever materials need to be neatly separated for their recovery, subsequent processing and disposal, CEPA supplies concepts that make perfect economic sense and are tailored exactly to your requirements.

From the standard model to custom-built systems, customers worldwide benefit from CEPA’s many years of expertise and innovative technology as a leader in the field of planning, designing and producing centrifuges. Discover all-round perfection in a variety of designs and versions.

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100 years of contemporary history brought to life: graffiti art adorns the production hall of the Carl Padberg company

Kids and teenager of the city Lahr were offered a special chance to become creative with a free-of-charge graffiti workshop this November - the results are exceptional.

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Anyone who has been on the Rosenweg in the past few days has witnessed the eager, colorful activity of a group of graffiti sprayers at the production hall of the company Carl Padberg Zentifugenbau GmbH, known as CEPA for short. Of course, things went right. On the occasion of the company's 100th anniversary, CEPA launched a free graffiti workshop for children and young people aged 12 and over.


"We have a few creative and exciting days behind us," Michaela Vinnay, Managing Director of the company sums up. "We were very happy about the lively participation in our workshop and it was fascinating to see how the ideas that first emerged on paper were then cleverly and creatively applied to our walls by the participants".


Thirteen participants between the ages of 12 and 15 took advantage of the opportunity and registered for the free workshop led by the well-known local graphic and graffiti artist Sarah Zepf. After an extensive round of collecting ideas on the motto '100 years - then and now', the participants received practical tips on all things spraying from Sarah Zepf and David Rich, who supported the group by guiding.


The work of art was completed on Friday afternoon at almost 100 meters and the result has simply become an eye-catcher for young and old. The special thing is that the works of art now permanently decorate the walls and thus make the section of the Rosenweg a real highlight. "We are completely thrilled with the result and would like to thank all participants as well as Sarah Zepf and David Rich for this wonderful implementation. We would also like to thank Mr. Feuerstein from the Molotow company, who supported the flyer graphically and this workshop with colors beforehand,” says Michaela Vinnay. The finished work of art was then celebrated with all the young people and the parents, who proudly admired the finished motifs from their children.