A high-performance
All round.

High performance on a daily basis.
Reliable non-stop.

These are the qualities with which CEPA centrifuges and systems have made a name for themselves in various industries.

Wherever materials need to be neatly separated for their recovery, subsequent processing and disposal, CEPA supplies concepts that make perfect economic sense and are tailored exactly to your requirements.

From the standard model to custom-built systems, customers worldwide benefit from CEPA’s many years of expertise and innovative technology as a leader in the field of planning, designing and producing centrifuges. Discover all-round perfection in a variety of designs and versions.


We celebrate 100 years CEPA!

Today on our 100 year celebration we open our doors for our guests - we are looking forward to welcome you here!

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The day has come and today we toast to 100 years CEPA! Right in this moment a deep feeling of gratetude resonates within us because our founder, Carl Padberg, made his visions come true. At the same time we feel very proud that each of the four generations and its employees has fought through highs and lows througout time to get CEPA to where it is today.

Now it is time to open our doors for our guests because one should treasure the moment - and that is exactly what we'll do now: Let's celebrate!