VZ Series

De-oiling of short or broken chips

Thoroughly dry in stop & go cycles.

Like all automatic de-oiling centrifuges, the VZ needs the chips to be short or broken. Centrifuging and batch times are pre-programmed. The chips are added to the centrifuge automatically by a conveyor in batches. Once the centrifuge is filled to capacity, the conveyor cuts out and the timed chip de-oiling process takes place. Batch operation means it can be determined exactly how long the chips spend in the centrifuge. So the degree of de-oiling can be fine-tuned to the chip type. A version with a rake and/or agitator is available for chips that tend to stick together.


  • Automatic
  • De-oiling short, pourable chips
  • Batch operation
  • Up to 960 l/h

Technical Data

Type/Model VZ 5 / K-G VZ 6 / K-G
Fill weight [kg] 100 200
Volume [l] 80 160
Batches [h] 8 6
max. Speed [min-1] 1000 750
RCF (G-value) [* g] 330 230
Drum diameter [mm] 600 750

*All figures are approximate values. Subject to amendment and errors.

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