OST 12 Series

Ideal for dipping, soaking, coating or oiling

Small but special.

CEPA centrifuges are ideal for dip-painting hardware as well as for soaking, coating or oiling to impart corrosion-inhibiting properties or enhanced slip properties. The parts are immersed in the liquid with the centrifuge at a standstill, then the excess is spun off. The dipping liquid flows back into the dipping container beneath the drum. The entire process – dipping and centrifuging – takes place inside the centrifuge.


  • Manual
  • Dipping/oiling/ wetting
  • Batch operation
  • 10 l or 15 kg per dip process

Technical Data

Type/Model OST 12
Fill weight [kg] 15
Volume [l] 10
Batches [h] 10
max. Speed [min-1] 1000
RCF (G-value) [* g] 160
Drum diameter [mm] 300

*All figures are approximate values. Subject to amendment and errors.

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